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Fiji Ports Terminal Limited’s (FPTL) core business is providing stevedoring services and storage facilities to its local and international stakeholders at the two main Ports in Fiji, Suva and Lautoka. The two Ports cater for domestic and transshipment cargoes. Approximately, 95% of the country’s import and export cargoes are handled via these two Ports whilst Port of Suva remains as the main transshipment hub in the South Pacific Region.

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Functional Areas Of Fiji Ports Terminal Limited Are Not Limited To:
  •  Terminal Management and Maintenance

  •  Berth Planning

  •  Domestic and Transhipment Cargo Handling Services

  •  Storage and  Warehousing

  •  Receiving and Delivery of Cargo

  •  Refrigerator & Special Cargo

With an intention of improving the productivity, vessel turnaround times and to eliminate the port congestion surcharge, a Public-Private Partnership with Fiji Ports Corporation Limited (FPCL) and a Sri Lankan company Aitken Spence PLC was inaugurated in July 2013.

Since the commencement of the Public-Private Partnership, FPTL witnessed a complete transformation with significant improvements to vessel productivity and overall port efficiencies.

The current shareholding stands as Aitken Spence PLC with 51% and FPCL with the remaining 49%.

FPTL’s current equipment fleet ranges from 2.5 tons forklifts to 45 tons heavy container handlers with telescopic spreaders. The yard tractor/trailers are also available to facilitate the transfer of containers from the ship side to the storage area and vice versa.

The Concession Agreement and Shareholder Agreement are key performance guidelines. They guide us in improving our management systems and processes to achieve sustainable growth and improvements. To keep track of our organizational performance, active monitoring and review are practiced through a structured approach to ensure that adequate and well-defined channels are available to surface issues and review organizational performance.

Fiji Ports Terminal Limited’s journey has proved to be successful recording continuous growth in terms of productivity, efficiency, and profitability and remain positive in facing future challenges to become the Transhipment Hub in Oceania connecting the Pacific to the rest of the world.

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